Perhaps the most racially interspersed country in Belestra. While predominately human a fair amount of Elves also live in this land. Lodoss is home to to the largest academy of magic, Tyrgen Hall. Lodoss is frequently in conflict with Theros over rights and usage of the Odai River.

Notable Traits:

  • An accepting people who generally welcome travelers.
  • The entire records of the Grand Lodoss War are kept hidden by the Dina Esgel Dae which nearly destroyed the world nearly 2000 years ago.

The intermingling of Elves and Man coupled with the proximity to the largest Dwarven kingdom in Belestra have made Lodossians accepting of other cultures and races. This has led to a melting pot of art and music which meld various forms together into new genres.

Wealth and Income
Lodoss maintains a wide array of trade between the nations of Belestra. Their largest port city, Elaaria is known as the Mother of Wealth for no one becomes truly wealthy without first trading through Elaaria.


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