A War of Worlds

The Visions

Getting to know

You go to bed on Nox Tenebris, the rare night when both moons are eclipsed in darkness and reflect light against stars canceling their gleam. A rare event which happens exactly every third of the century. Some greet the night with suspicion, claiming the darkness as a sign that the gods of good are not watching over. Others, mostly those of the underworld relish the chance to sneak about in total darkness where only the lights of man still shine. Most are indifferent; however they tend stay inside for more practical reasons. “Its not safe to stroll about when you cannot see,” they tell themselves as they turn in for the night. Indeed this is much of what you’ve told yourself as you found an inn to stay at, at least while there is no profit involved.

As you begin to fall asleep, foreboding tugs your mind. You ignore the feeling believing it caused by the tall tales people spin about Nox Tenebris. As progress into the depths of sleep you sense you are not alone. Unable to see in the darkness, you prepare to defend yourself. Then the darkness begins to fade minutely. Several strangers enter your view. In the dark light you make out the details of the three closest people. You are unable to see anything more of the other figures deeper into the darkness. Confusion and readiness mark the faces of three nearby. Obviously they did not expect to be here either.

The little light stretching the empty plane bends and dances until forms a bubble. Now you clearly see the other three, but the darkness is complete outside of the sphere that surround you. You take in the bizarre scene briefly, before all the light vanishes.

“Ive no time,” a voice of power speaks with in your mind. “Meet the others in Krumaash. Seek knowledge of secrets ages kept. We speak again when I regain strength.” An image of a small village is imprinted in your mind, with intrinsic knowledge on how to travel there.

You awake with a startle, knowing what you experienced was no dream. Now you must decide which actions to take after the vision.

The Party moves onto Krumaash following the vision, some for altruistic means, and others the promise of wealth. They find that something startling in the mine and go to investigate.



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